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Reasons to sell at auction.
Types of auctions.


We are part of the larger team of Lange Real Estate. Together, we offer you the professionalism needed to determine how your property needs to be marketed and sold. Many of our agents have listed successful auctions when they concluded that selling by auction would benefit their client the most. Combining that asset of "auction insight", with the expertise of our auctioneers, provides YOU, the client, the best real estate team you could hope for.

Click below for information on the basics and benefits of auctions as presented by the National Association of Realtors. Realtor

NAR:  Basics and Benefits of Auctions            "Until recently, real estate auctions, unlike art and antique auctions, have experienced unfounded negative images in the marketplace. The majority of auctions today don't result from foreclosure of distress situations, but rather are the result of a seller choosing a cost-effective, accelerated method to sell a property."
  From the National Association of Realtors

Our auctioneers are experts in:

* Land :
* Farming machinery and equipment
* Residential  - rural or city
* Home sites
* Personal property
* Commercial properties
* Rentals/Investment properties

Whatever your reason for placing your property onto the auction market we will work hard to accomplish that goal. Our services are tailor made for your property and your own requirements.

If you would like more information on the benefits of selling at auction, or the types of properties that make great auctions, click here.
   Why sell at auction

Our auctioneers are proud members of:

  • National Association of Auctioneers  NAA
  • Kansas Association of Auctioneers  KAA
  • National Association of Realtors   NAR



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Selling @ auction  Why should I sell at auction?
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Land Agricultural, Sportsman/Recreational, Transitional
Commercial properties
Industrial Equipment
Farm Machinery
Quality Personal property