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   About Us

Lange Auctions is an experienced and professional auction company located in the Kansas and Oklahoma area. We strive to maximize our Sellers profit while providing the high quality service our Buyers expect.

  • Our Sellers choose state of the art advertising packages including print, email, web site and radio options.
  • Our experienced auctioneers offer the knowledge necessary to host a profitable auction.
  • Our Buyers at personal property auctions receive itemized receipts for their auction purchases with our up to date electronic clerking systems. No more waiting!

Lange Auctions has been and will continue to be, on the cutting edge of the auction industry.  We were the first to offer:

  1. Brokerage cooperation in auctions
  2. "subject to prior sale" auctions
  3. A multi-parcel auction in the Wichita area
  4. A live online bidding process in the Wichita area for real estate
  5. To return listing to referral agent in the event of a no sale.

We also avail ourselves of advanced software for cataloguing, clerking and more.  We roll all these together to become a full service auction company, not only in real estate, but in personal property as well.

We offer auction platforms for all types of real estate, estate sales, farm machinery, quality personal property and antiques.



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Types of Auctions

This type of auction is a great tool for the Seller with rural and/or development areas for sale. We offer the option of auctioning surface rights and mineral rights separately! This is the trend for auctioning land today.

The advertising that this type of auction receives gets the word out about the potential for the land to the Buyers that are looking.  

We offer the experience and professionalism needed for our clients looking to auction their home. Our commitment to maximizing our Sellers net is unrivaled!

Personal Property:
This type of auction is exciting for all involved, Sellers, Buyers, auctioneers and staff! The enthusiasm at a personal property auction offers an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness that makes a great way to spend the day.

Another one of our specialties!

Our auctioneer/agents from Jeff Lange Real Estate know how to market to this niche group.

Commercial Properties
Our professionalism stands out when helping our commercial sellers "at auction".

These auctions provide a family the ability to settle the estate of a loved one in an easy manner. Our sensitivity to the issues that may exist with an estate are dealt with carefully and with the experience that makes the auction a success for all.

Industrial Equipment
We love those machines!

Farm Machinery
Our expertise shines here!

Antiques require special handling and auctioneering. Its a good thing we do this well!

We host several benefit auctions each year and are happy to discuss this option with you!