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This type of auction is a great tool for the Seller with rural and/or development areas for sale. We offer the option of auctioning surface rights and mineral rights separately! This is a growing trend for auctioning land today.

The advertising that this type of auction receives gets the word out about the potential for the land to the Buyers that are looking. 


We offer the experience and professionalism needed for our clients looking to auction their home. We offer those selling estates, unparalled experience. See below for more information. [more]

Our commitment to maximizing our Sellers net is unrivaled!  Again, our targeted marketing offers our clients optimized exposure.

Farm Machinery Our expertise shines here!  Both of our auctioneers are former farmers and know their equipment!  A great farm machinery auction may be expected with with their knowledge and familiarity of what it takes to run a succesful farm.
Estates These auctions provide a family the ability to settle the estate of a loved one in an easy and less complicated manner than traditional real estate methods.. Our sensitivity to the issues that may exist with an estate are dealt with carefully and with the experience that makes the auction a success for all.
Investments Our auctioneers/agents know how to market to this niche group. Whether it is investing for a rental property or land for "future" holdings, we do have the expertise to navigate that scenario.
Personal Property

This type of auction is exciting for all involved, Sellers, Buyers, auctioneers and staff! The enthusiasm at a personal property auction offers an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness that makes a great way to spend the day.

Lange Auctions utilizes computerized clerking offering buyers and sellers several advantages. Buyers are able to check out quickly and receive itemized statements of their purchases.


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We auction all types of property:

Commercial Properties
Estates (incl. pers. prop)
Industrial Equipment
Farm Machinery
Quality Personal Property

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