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We areĀ part of the larger team of Lange Real Estate. Together, we offer you the professionalism needed to determine how your property needs to be marketed and sold. Many of our agents have listed successful auctions when they concluded that selling by auction would benefit their client the most. Combining that asset of “auction insight”, with the expertise of our auctioneers, provides YOU, the client, the best real estate team you could hope for.

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This type of auction is a great tool for the Seller with rural and/or development areas for sale. We offer the option of auctioning surface rights and mineral rights separately! This is the trend for auctioning land today.

Land Auctions

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We offer the experience and professionalism needed for our clients looking to auction their home. Our commitment to maximizing our Sellers net is unrivaled! Contact us today and let us help you sell your property!

Residential Auctions

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Personal Property

This type of auction is exciting for all of those involved! The enthusiasm at a personal property auction offers an atmosphere of friendly competitiveness that makes a great way to spend the day.

Personal Property Auctions

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Benefit Auctions

Lange Auctions is proud to be able to participate in numerous benefit auctions throughout the year that help benefit the surrounding communities and people in which we serve.

Benefit Auctions

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We Make Auctions Happen.

Lange Auctions is an experienced and professional auction company located in the Kansas and Oklahoma area. We strive to maximize our Sellers profit while providing the high-quality service our Buyers expect.

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