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Broker Registration

Broker Registration
*Subject to a 1% buyer's participation fee.
A commission will paid to qualified, licensed Kansas real estate brokers whose prospects are the successful bidders at the auction and close on the property. To qualify for a commission, the broker must first register the real estate prospect by mail, deliver by hand, email, or fax the prospect’s name and address on the real estate company’s letterhead or the form provided by the auction company. The registration must include the property in which the prospective purchaser is interested, the signature of the prospective purchaser, the signature of the broker and broker’s real estate license number. Under no circumstances will the broker registration be allowed the day of the auction. Commission will be paid only if property closes to the broker’s prospect or their assignees. A commission on a property will be paid only to the first broker registering a prospect. It is the responsibility of participating Broker to confirm receipt of this registration with Auction Company. A 1% commission will be paid on the successful, accepted, high bid.

Broker’s Registration Form must be received by 4 pm the day before the auction. Broker MUST attend auction with their prospect. I acknowledge that I am familiar with the broker participation terms applicable to this auction.